People often ask, how did BlackFork Farms get into making whiskey?

It all began, on a bar stool in Budapest. Gordon was bicycling through Europe. His group ended the day in Budapest, Hungary, with plans to meet in the lobby of the Four Season Hotel at 6:00 pm, then walk to dinner.  Gordon got his shower and arrived in the lobby at 5:30, so he grabbed a stool in the hotel bar and asked the bartender what he had for nice whiskies. The bartender, dressed in his “penguin style” uniform, sat a 350ml bottle of craft bourbon on the bar and proceeded to explain how the bourbon was made on a farm in Vermont, from grains they grow. And how the bourbon was an expression of these unique flavors.

Gordon looked at the $100 dollar bottle of bourbon siting the bar, tasted it, and said to himself – we grow unique grains on our farm – we can do this!  What a fun way to share the flavors of our farm with the world!


(photo by Gordon)