BlackFork Farm’s new distillery will be commissioned in the Spring or 2022.  The first spirits will be dedicated to the craftsmen (women) that made it possible “Artisans”.

The creation of the finest craft distillery in North American, is not a matter of wood and steel.  It is an expression of the commitment and artistry of the people who built it.  As a tribute to them, BlackFork Farms is creating this Artisans Collection, comprised of the first commercial runs of each of our mash bill styles: 1) High Rye, 2) Wheated, 3) Oat, 4) Rye Whiskey, and 5) Prairie Ghost.

The first three barrel of each style run will be reserved for the Artisans.  They will be invited to sign these barrel, along with a Signature Collage, at the grand opening ceremony.  The Signature Collage will be incorporated into the whiskey bottle labels.  The original Collage will be displayed in the Reserve Library, on the Artisans Photo Wall.

This whisky will be exclusively made available to the Artisans first and may be reserved by them for themselves and their families.