Cattle Baron Mash Bill

In the mid-1800s news of mining, timber, land, and business opportunities brought a flood of immigrants and fortune seekers to the Upper Midwest. Completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 helped expand growing industries. Growing towns on the east and west coasts needed food. A new style of American businessman took hold – the Cattle Baron.

The drink of choice for these American Frontier Entrepreneurs was fine American whisky.  They drank it neat, slamming the empty glasses on dusty saloon bars, sipping it fancy dinning cars, or savoring it’s oaky aroma while warming themselves by a fire under the expanse of prairie sky. It is in this sprit that we created Cattle Baron Bourbon. Starting with Native American Corn.

The Mash Bill used for our American, French and Mongolian Cask Finished Bourbons.

Enjoy it neat, or in your favorite cocktail.

It pairs well with: Beef, Wild Game, Campfires and Old Friends.

Tasting notes:

COLOR: Soft Carmel Buckskin Brown

AROMA: Swathing gain on a summer evening, with hints of ripe apples blended with complex layers of toasted oak.

FLAVOR: First comes the sweet nose of corn, closely followed by the hint of spice from rye, all wrapped with the smooth undertones’ of freshly cut grain – kiln dried over an open prairie grass fire.  Following the delicate notes of grain, come the deep flavors of oak and coco.