BlackFork Farms Distillery is a blend of Art and Technology.  A pair of traditional Italian Pot Stills, with large copper helmets and graceful swan arms, stand twenty feet tall in-front of plate glass windows. Inside a modern Control Room with flat panel monitors and computerized control systems manages the processes to maintain precise temperatures.

There are four levels inside the Distillery, including a Reserve Library where special seeds stocks and whiskey is stored.  Above the Reserve Library is the Malt Tower, crowned with a weathervane featuring the old BlackFork Ranch Pronghorn Logo sitting atop an Espontoon.  Captin Lewis carried an espontoon into South Dakota in 1804 as a symbol of leadership.

A Malt Tower is the signature architectural element of distilleries in Scotland, where in 1494 an entry in the king’s Exchequer Rolls listed “Eight bolls of malt to Friar John Cor wherewith to make aqua vitae” (water of life).  “Whiskey” literally means water of life.





Our Pot Stills: The Henry P (right) and Poppe J. (left)