Give Back the Rest

Profits to Conservation

On all of our bottles of whisky that wear theses “conservation selves”, we give 100% or the profits to conservation organizations that are committed to protecting our planet’s land and water resources, as well as those working to protect and enhance wildlife habitat.

TrustedSource Grains

Our TrustedSource Grains, including Organic, Artisan, and non-GMO, are Identity Preserved.

Soil, the climate, the seed and the storage conditions all impact batches of grain. We preserve the identity of each batch of grain, providing complete transparency.

A farming operation must be able to sustain itself, both economically and environmentally.

“If you take care of the land, it will take care of you – and the generations to come.”


Stewardship of the land has been a value in our family since we began farming in Western Minnesota in 1889. Our grandparents lived close to the land they homesteaded, farming with horses and providing for their families with the grain and meat they produced.

Over the past 20 years, demands of high volume and low prices necessitated economies of scale.  This caused many family farms to fade and commercial farms to dominate the landscape.  Tight margins and economic demands created a need for more and more synthetic chemicals to supplement nature.

Consumers like you are beginning to step back and take a hard look at how your food is produced, processed and prepared.  As you show support for the industry, this allows small farms like ours to make the investments required to convert land to organic. We are one year into the three year process of converting 30% of our farm (back) to organic.

We are excited about the journey and hope you are too!

Biodiversity & Crop Rotation

Our farms are divided in fields ranging from 30 acres to a few hundred acres. Many fields feature creeks, ponds and natural waterways. These features of the landscape are maintained and enhanced to promote habitat for wildlife and bio-diversity. We rotate crops in order to maintain soil nutrients and a balanced organic ecosystem.