The Legacy Series by BlackFork Farms represents some of the finest single barrel bourbon releases in America. A single barrel, eight years in age, yields approximately 200 bottles.  Older barrels yield less.  Bottles are first allocated to those on our Reserve List, then to our Bourbon Shop and Deadwood Tasting Room.  Limited amounts are allocated to selected restaurants and retailers.

The BlackFork Farms Legacy Series includes: Poppe J, Henry P, and GW Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  These are hand-selected, single barrel releases of BlackFork Farms Straight Bourbon Whisky, with exceptional nose, depth and character. They are a salute to the spirit of the American Entrepreneur.

Poppy J. Established BlackFork Farms in American in 1889.  His grandson,

Henry P. Expanded the operation into South Dakota in 1951. His grandson,

GW. (Gordon W. Ommen) Added distilling to the farm operation, producing the world’s finest craft bourbon from Native Grains.

Single Barrel Releases are identified by the barrel number. BlackFork Farms barrel numbers are formatted: Mash Bill YearNumber.  For example, barrel: HR-16-14, is the 14th barrel produced in 2016 of BlackFork Farms High Rye mash bill.  WH-15-03 would be the 3rd barrel of Wheated bourbon produced in 2015.