Native Grain

Like most farms in the region, we grow corn, soybeans and alfalfa. BlackFork Native Grains include Legacy 2 Row Barley and Flint Corn.

Native American Corn

Our Native American flint corn is an open-pollinated flint corn originally cultivated by the western Abenaki (Sokoki) people in Vermont, and subsequently grown and maintained by pioneer farmers throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Coteau Calico

Dakota White

Cheyenne Red

Baden Barley

We smoke dry this legacy 2 row barley for use in our craft bourbons.

BlackForest Rye

Our legacy BlackForest German Rye is suitable for the production of bread and whisky.

BlackFork Barley

Growing barley is not difficult. Growing outstanding barley is an art form.

Dakota 2 Row

We have successfully grown several fields of 2 Row Malting Barley on our farm near Brandt, South Dakota.

Local Flavor

The French concept of terroir means that the characteristics of the soil and other environmental factors influence a crop, and are expressed in the final product.

At BlackFork, we believe terroir is reflected in the the flavor profile of our grains. We grow them with pride and care. There are no short cuts.