BlackFork Spirits will be bottling Special Release Bourbons under their Cattlemen’s and Bourbon Girl brands. The labels on these bottles will feature photos that “speak to the brands.”  We are holding a Photo Contest for the label images that will be used for these special release bottlings.

  • Cattlemen’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey embodies the Sprit of the West.   This is a barrel-aged full-bodied bourbon. 
  • Bourbon Girl is a new brand for BlackFork Spirits, which we will be launching it late 2021. The whiskey we developed for this brand that is light and smooth, yet is a little feisty.  Yes, girls drink bourbon too.

One Special Release we plan to issue in 2022 will be for the Crystal Springs Rodeo. Rodeo related photos would be a good fit for this.  Photographers are welcome to shoot photos with one of the three vintage trucks located on our farm.

Photos, or cloud folder links, may be emailed to

$200 gift card to The Bourbon Shop will be awarded for each photo used on labels.