Surface Cleaner CLEAR:

Clean-Job Surface Cleaner CLEAR is formulated with 70% Denatured Ethyl Alcohol.  This product is typically sprayed on lightly, for example to shopping carts, and allow to evaporate off.  Customers tell us it generally evaporates in three – five minutes, and does not leave a residue.

Surface Cleaner BLUE:

Clean-Job Surface Cleaner BLUE conforms to the World Health Organization recommended formulation of 80% Ethyl Alcohol with small quantities of glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide.  It is a liquid (not Gel).

These Surface Cleaners contain Alcohol and should only be used on surfaces comparable with alcohol cleaning products. We recommend that a small non-visible area be tested prior to applying the product. 

Container Sizes:

Clean-Job Surface Cleaner is available in three sizes:  2.5-Gallon Jugs, 5-Gallon Carboys (with easy-poor spouts for filling small bottles) and 55-Gallon Drums (with available pumpers).

2.5-Gallon Jug

5-Gallon Carboy

55-Gallon Drum



BlackFork Farms is ONLY offering delivery to the following 6 states that are served by Spee-Dee Delivery: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  If you have shipping needs outside this 6-state region, please call us at 605-696-3104.  Spee-Dee Delivery charges are added to the order.  (To ship a 55 gallon drum 100 miles costs around $100)


Surface Cleaner is available for immediate shipping.

Local Pickup:

Jugs or Drums can be pickup up by appointment at our facility located near Brandt, South Dakota.  Drums are palletized.


We work primarily with businesses.  Our pricing is competitive, especially on bulk and wholesale orders.

Please email for pricing information or call 605-696-3104 for bulk pricing and delivery information.