BlackFork Farms Bourbon – Mongolian is matured in our traditional charred oak casks.  Then it is moved into toasted Mongolian Oak Casks for finishing.  This process enhances the toasty oak flavors and smoky undertones of our BlackFork Bourbon and adding a distinctive barrel flavor notes to the nose of the whisky with a hint of banana from the Mongolian Oak. The finest and most expensive Japanese whiskies are matured in Mongolian Oak casks.  Mongolian oak trees need to be over 200 years old before they are large enough to making casks.  Given the world demand for fine whisky, a single Mongolian oak cask sells for $6,000.

BlackFork Farms Bourbon – Mongolian is a Straight Bourbon Whisky Finished in Toasted Oak and bottled at 46.5% Alcohol by Volume