BlackFork Farms

“America’s finest Craft Bourbon, from Native Grains.”

Bourbon Shop

At the heart of our farming operation, and craft bourbon production, is the BlackForks Farms Bourbon Shop.

On a farm, the shop is the central meeting point. It is a place to gather on cool summer morning, before the field work begins or to stop by on a hot July evening, after the work is done. A Shop is a place where “things are made”.

For our hunting guests (after after the guns are safely put away), it is a place for hunters to gather, tell tails of the day and taste our hand crafted BlackFork Bourbons.

We do not keep regular hours at the Bourbon Shop. We open up for our private guests and hunters for bourbon tastings.

“Freedom and Whisky gang thegither!”

— Robert Burns, Scottish Poet

BlackFork Farm’s Stills


The Henry P. (right) and the Poppe J. (left)



Raising the Art of Craft Bourbon, to New Level