This is the steam ship Poppe J. Ommen traveled to American on in 1889

Sinking his mow-board plow, pulled by heavy draft horses, into the rich black soil of South Western Minnesota, establishing our farm.

The Reserve Library at BlackFork Farms is a special place.  It is a time capsule, of fine whiskey and great literature.

It is a place set aside from the restless march of technology.

It is here, that we have are aging some special barrels of whiskey for parties we will hosting.  Including a few barrels for our 150th anniversary in 2,039.  And, a six barrels, for a our largest celebration of all time, our 200th anniversary in 2089.

Why would we designate such a place, simply to preserve history and set aside whiskey for events we will never attend?  Because we can.  Because we, ourselves, are drinking from wells that others who came before labored to dig.  It is only by sanding on their shoulders, that we have gotten here.  It is our duty to pass it on.


“Freedom and Whisky gang thegither!”

— Robert Burns, Scottish Poet