BlackFork Farms

Raising the Art of Craft Bourbon – to a New Level

Our Whiskey Artist’s have developed a number of priority Bourbon Mash Bills, using our Native Grains.  The flavors they bring forward in our different styles include a combination of the following: the boldness from Oak, the smooth malty undertones from Barley, spice from Rye, the long smooth finish of wheat, summer fresh sents of oats and the sweetness from our Native American Corn. With our small batch bourbon, each style has its own character, bringing forward a unique bouquet of flavors from our smoke-dried Native Grains.


Double Pot Distilled


Solera Finish

Our Solera Wall is an integrated Maturation, Blending and Proofing system for our distilled spirits.

We developed the Solera Cask Finishing System, in a way that honors the centuries old traditions of cask maturation, blending and proofing. At the same time incorporating modern materials and the latest in maturation chemistry.

By slow proofing in our Solera Wall, we are able to produce more complexity in our spirits, as well as and layer in added aromas and flavors exposure by introducing our mineral rich spring water and the to add wood exposure in the solera casks.