The creation of the America’s finest craft distillery is not a matter of wood and steel.  It is an expression of the commitment and artistry of the people who built it. Two of the artisans are Dennis and Gordon Ommen, shown in the photo above, perhaps planning the distillery some 61 years earlier.  Photo above, Dennis on the left, Gordon on the right.  Photo below (with production barrel #1), Dennis is on the right, Gordon on the Left.

The craftsmen who built this distillery have been invited back to BlackFork Farms to make some whiskey. They will choose the Grain, Mill, Mash, Distill and Barrel.  They will sign each cask.  When the casks are property aged, they will come back to bottle and label.  An empty cask with the Signature Collage on the barrel head will be placed on permanent display in the Distillery Reserve Library.

This Artisan Series whisky will be first made available to the Artisans.  They may be reserved bottles or casks for themselves, they’re friends and they’er families.