Henry P. Ommen expanded BlackFork’s farming operation into South Dakota.  In 1951 he pointed the toothy grill of his Barrel-Nosed Ford west, into the Dakota wind.  As a tribute to Henry P, a 1938 Barrel-Nose Ford rests peacefully upon a hill near the BlackFork Family Ranch House.  Barrel-Nose Fords were the workhorses of many American farms and ranches at the time.  Barrel-Nose Fords were the only vehicle that fought on both sides of the war. Henry Ford produced them in Germany pre-war and his plant was nationalized.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed, each unique, yet all have a common attribute, that is – they think – “In Terms of the Possible”.

They never stop inventing and reinventing.

It is in this spirit of invention and re-creation that we craft the Henry P. Barrel Expressions Series.  We start with a very nice barrel-aged bourbon, then we finish it with Toasted Oak. Toasting is a manual process, and each toasting technique expresses itself differently on the whisky.

We categorize the expressions based on the resulting nose and finish.

Sweet shop  “S”

Rack house  “R”

Vanilla   “V”



Henry P.  is a Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Toasted Oak

bottled at 46.5% Alcohol by Volume