BlackForest Rye

Our legacy BlackForest German Rye is suitable for the production of bread and whisky.

There are different strains of rye. Roman rye on one hand, and French and German rye on the other. Roman rye is very vigorous.  It grows on almost any ground and is used as a cover crop, and grown for grain, in modern America.

Our BlackForest Rye is of the traditional German verity.  The Germans have always had an unequaled passion for traditional ryes, whether tan, brown or almost black.  Ours has a malty, spicy notes.  When you sip whisky made with our BlackForest Rye, you sense that there is something primeval within, something undying, something expressive of our rich sustainably farmed soils.

BlackForest Rye is also available in limited quantities to artisan bread makers.