Inside BlackFork Farms

BlackFork Farms is a 6th generation farming operation located on the rolling hills of the Prairie Coteau that spans Eastern South Dakota and Western Minnesota.

We care for our land by utilizing sustainable farming practices to manage the health of both soil and water, and grow high quality crops. Wetlands, creek beds, and tree groves are left untouched, providing habitat for local wildlife and plant species. The careful balance of stewardship and economic productivity ensures the legacy of this land for years to come.

Deep Roots

1889: Our American farming roots bering here, in South Western, Minnesota in 1889. After immigrating from Germany, Poppe J. Ommen purchased a farm near Fulda, Minnesota and began farming the land.

1958: Poppe J’s great grandson, Lester H. Ommen purchased a farm near Brandt, SD. This farm serves as the operating headquarters for BlackFork Farms today. Lester’s father Henry P. Ommen, farmed along the shores of Oak Lake near Astoria, SD.

130 years, and six generations later, our commitment to the land remains strong.